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Suarez: Messi remains the best for Ballon d'Or

Barcelona striker, Luis Suarez, said  that Lionel Messi is over the tough times this summer, both on the level of  failure of the Argentine national team to win the Copa America for the second year and also due to charges of tax evasion.

Messi,Suarez and Neymar in action for barcelona

Suarez said at a news conference in Joan Gamper sports in Barcelona "Messi is eagerly waiting to return to training, everyone knows how difficult were the conditions after the Copa America and what happened on the judicial level"

He explained, "As a lover of football I hope to see Messi again with his national team, he loves Argentina, always bet on their representation, but I think that he will think about it again and will return for his decision."

He said in answer to a question about the chances of Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo to win the Ballon d'Or this year, "I think that Messi is the best players in the world, he decided the matches and makes the difference, although not winning the title with his national team. Cristiano probably outperform in terms of titles achieved by this year. "

Suarez  participated in exercises with his club Barcelona, ​​led by Luis Enrique Martinez, along with a couple of players from the first team and 12 players from the second team, and is expected to join Messi camp in preparation for the upcoming season.

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