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Editorial: How much is too much for a player?

 Juventus has offer Napoli attacker Gonzalo Higuaín 94 million euros, also Manchester United want to secure the service of Paul Pogba  for a fee worth around 100 million Euros,are these a good deal or a waste of resources?

Gonzalo Higuaín
When news began to leak from the sale of Paul Pogba a record amount of debate over whether the world that was a rising star worth the money or not, but no one was surprised to be sold so much as long as he is a player of Juventus who built a management Marotta and Enele fantastic reputation in the football market in its ability to bring players with worldwide normal and then sold large amounts of money after it converts them to the top of the stars and allows them to shine in an unprecedented way that allowed Juve to reach the finals and Italy the most expensive clubs and live the worst technical and physical situations.

 But when the news broke from the  old lady for the signing of  Napoli striker Higuain at a whooping amount of 94 million euros was a big shock that was not  expected  from a good financial management and not disbursed fictional amounts in single-player, but each strange reaction positive reason and if he knew why the hero wonder,

Why Juventus wants the big deal?

Given the status of Juventus now we find it has a career and economic structure that match the biggest European teams, it has a private home and modern facilities of sports that are developed on a permanent basis so as to ensure increased income for the club and give him economically stable only have clubs of Europe team football have won victories Sports large, where almost without rival in Italy, achieves more than a continuous participation in the Champions League, and we mean here, of course, arriving at a final heroes in the year before and embarrass him strong and stable for Bayern at home and among the fans until the last minute  to this high administrative stability and great management conditions internal market club and the summer and winter transfer window including earned him great reputation that we talked about at the beginning of the article.

All of this administrative and organizational and football success and even economic insufficient to prove that Juventus returned to be a great European, especially in light of the deteriorating conditions of Italian football in general. And therefore should be taken a major step in the transfer market to confirm that it is not just a factory for the manufacture of stars Portuguese Kporto that brings talent from South America and make a living from the sale of the club Greater Europe, it is a giant owns sports and economic system capable of attracting the big players and the money to invest both in It indicates that the black past is gone, never to return.

Why Higuain specifically?

Although the Argentine star is surrounded by a lot of question marks that make a big doubt the possibility of that and find that the amount paid as the old 29-year-old is known Badhaath of many easy opportunities in the crucial events, but it has many features that could justify the choice of Juventus for him to pay it This amount.

Technically we are talking about the historical scorer of the Italian League, who scored the most goals in one season in Serie known Petktikith and face difficult defenses. And Higuain of the best players in the world that is moving without the ball and centered, but I miss the focus on critical occasions Knhaia World Cup the past two and Copa, but he was able to exist in the right place several times in the games are supposed to be fully closed and before the very difference in strength. It could be argued that his abilities and touches turns Juventus system that relies on a strong central attacks to create the best way.

Outside the stadium has other accounts, the purchaseof Higuain have brought the most important player in the league of the strongest rivals , and so not through purchase or negotiations but through the payment of the value of breaking the contract, that is, despite one of the toughest club presidents in Italy and Europe's abandonment of his players, a DVD Lorenz. Forcing the best opponents on their best players is a matter of selling singled out Bayern Munich in Germany and is one of the reasons that made him able to continue to dominate domestic and European successes, a road that seems to be walking by Juventus.

Conclusion important point

Juventus management has been able to combine the top two deals selling across Pogba and purchase through Higuain at least in terms of intent, which is very rare in football circles, which he used to club buys a record or club amounts of selling in record numbers .obaltala Marotta management has succeeded in filling the global center Media and Sport football on two fronts to achieve their brand double that achieved by Manchester United, for example, from his pursuit of Pogba a Mathdtna him in a previous article  in a large prove their strength buying and selling and marketed alike, so they may be closed Higuain deal by ensuring the sale Pogba a strong weight in the business world to the emerging strength of Juventus index economically and return for the interface spherically.

 There remains one point that Higuain player in the Italian league, if, for example, administration succeeded in bringing the player of the tournament last superior to Serie A would be proof of a stronger attraction Juventus sign and the project carried out by the force and was Aagaymh much higher because any case, the arrival of Higuain Juventus from Napoli is a step forward for the player, who is now playing with the league champion. And actually it sought Juventus to bring Sanchez Arsenal and Cavani from Paris Saint-Germain but was unsuccessful in that which shows the need for more work by the club management, but it is certain that the successful European coming with Higuain will be allowed to bring in top players of the highest rated of the Italian league patrols.

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